Bachelor of Science in (Medical Technology)

Medical Technology is a professional discipline that is central to providing effective patient management and health care. Diagnosis of the diseases at the laboratory level heavily depend on investigation reports that are critical in the proper treatment of patients. The role of medical technologists and technicians in laboratories thus becomes crucial. This program is designed to produced well trained and qualified medical technologists who can work with diligence and efficiency. The graduates will be equipped with the skills to assist doctors and clinicians in the proper diagnosis of diseases. Practical trainings are conducted in the college labs and hospitals associated with Isra University. The program has been designed to meet the growing demand of trained technicians and technologists in the country and nearby regions including the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. The program comprises two years of study under an annual system. The following courses are offered to the students: Micro techniques and Elementary Anatomy, Clinical Pathology and Serology, Haematology and Blood Banking, Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Medical Instrumentation, Elementary Human Physiology, English, Islamic Studies and a variety of elective courses related to the program.


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